I am an adult human male. I live in San Francisco, but am currently driving through South America on a year long road trip. Aside from my spectacular self-summary abilities, I have the following properties:

when little ideas turn out to be  not so little projects

when little ideas turn out to be not so little projects

Mobile Developer

I am passionate about building software. Especially software that runs adjacent to my person (I'll do anything I can to bring about the cyborg revolution faster). I like tough problems, dynamic teams, and the intersection of high quality meat with scotch.

Technical Starter

I am the one-person team responsible for two popular education apps on the App Store. Ever since touch screens became ubiquitous, I have been obsessed with the learning possibilities they unlock.

First came TapTyping, a touch screen typing trainer. The purpose is to teach people to be productive on touch-screen based devices. Judging by the touchscreen typing leader boards it looks like it's working.

Next, came TapCoding. I have a strong belief that touch-based exercises can be ideal for learning complicated concepts in bite-sized chunks. I needed to learn Swift myself, so I did what any self-respecting programmer would do. To teach myself Swift, I made an app in Swift, that teaches programming in Swift. I now know Swift, and you can too.


I have been into photography as a hobby for over a decade. I've decided I'm pretty OK at it. With my on-going epic adventure, I've decided it's time to get serious about taking pictures as a craft.


My lovely wife and I have been on the road for 10 months now and podcasting weekly. We have grown the Let's Not Panic podcast to over 5,000 weekly listeners. More importantly, the podcast has turned into one of my favorite projects ever. If you like exploration, logistics, and toilet humor, our podcast is probably for you.