I created this application out of a belief that the touch screen form factor can offer amazing learning opportunities when used to its maximum potential. TapCoding features a carefully crafted curriculum that can take a complete newbie up to an intermediate skill level. But it's real strength are it's interactive exercises which enable a brand new method of learning to program.

Project type: personal product.

Status: on-going development.

Free and $6.99 on the App Store



I launched this Apple Watch app out of pure diabetic frustration. All of the pieces were there but nobody had done it yet: It allows users to view their blood sugar values directly on their watch face via a complication. As a type 1 diabetic, it's been a game changer for me personally.

Project type: personal project.

Status: on-going development, open-sourced on github.

Free on the App Store


A typing tutor application for iPad and iPhone. I launched this app in 2010 to a lot of press attention and an even an App Store feature. It's been very rewarding watching what schools, companies, and individuals can achieve with a bit of guided training.

Project type: personal product.

Status: on-going development.

$3.99 on the App Store


I worked as part of the team on the ground-up re-write of Burner for iOS. My part of this project was extremely interesting as I got to implement a conversation view very similar to what you see in the iOS Messages.app, replete with expanding text box, bounce animations, swipe to dismiss, and inline photo message composer.

Project type: contractor as part of a 3 person team.

Status: engagement complete.

Free on the App Store

Car Fiend

A social photo sharing app for car fans! I proudly inherited the Car Fiend code base for a ground up re-write for iOS 7 last year. The entire application was refactored with stability and future development in mind. In addition to an enormous user interface refresh, many usability and interaction enhancements were made including a gorgeous new photo browser.

Project type: solo developer on a contracting basis.

Status: decommissioned.



An app that analyzes the mood of every song in your Music.app's library and creates customized playlists based on mood. HABU is amazingly intuitive and is still in the list of music apps I use routinely. I worked with Gravity Mobile as the sole developer to ship version 1.0. The mood visualizer is incredibly cool, it was a joy to implement.

Project type: solo developer on a contracting basis.

Status: engagement complete.

Free on the App Store

Text Pics

I took over development on Text Pics at a critical moment, when it had just gained some early traction. The app, however was written in a very un-craftsman like way and had serious technical debt to pay off. I re-wrote the app in a whirlwind rush to shore up stability and performance problems, and helped usher it into the #1 on the Social Networking charts. It is still extremely popular, to this day.

Project type: solo developer on a contracting basis.

Status: engagement complete.

Free with In-App-Purchases on the App Store

Shelf Life

Wondering what I was up to in 2008? I was writing my first iOS app! This was a moon-lighting project of mine while working a full time embedded systems job in San Diego. Shelf Life is an extremely simple app that helps you keep track of the food you have in your fridge so that you can be sure to not let anything expire. Though I've mostly kept it around out of sentimentality, it was recently featured on the Food Network. Perhaps it's time for another update?

Project type: personal product.

Status: decommissioned.


(And many others project which I can't post here but can discuss in person. Let's chat!)