A New Place on the Internet

When you look at your own personal website year in and year out, the design and layout can get long in the tooth without you ever noticing it. "It's a website about me being a programmer", I think to myself, "Obviously, I need to host it myself. And certainly people will appreciate that I wrote it myself in a plain text editor with nary an auto-complete suggestion in sight. Certainly. Surely the praise for such resourcefulness will be lavished upon me from every corner of the internet. They will proclaim me, King of the Internet!"

Bah. With lots of new stuff on the horizon I have snapped out of it and decided to retire my text-only, single page personal site for something a bit spiffier. This new CMS should give me lots of leg room to spread out and get comfortable. A bit of photography. Some words about my upcoming adventures. Hell, maybe even a little bit of personality. The skynet's the limit.